Bartholomew Carley 1660

Bartholomew Carley, born in 1650 or 1660, Sudbury, Middlesex Co. Massachusetts. He died in Leicester, Worchester Co. Massachusetts.

There is no confirmed records of Bartholomew’s parents that I have been able to find. There are several conflicting dates and information here from many sources. The items in red are unconfirmed.

The Following information comes from “Directory of Ancestral Heads of American Families,: … Bartholomew Kerley, Carley, or Carlyle, as it was variously spelled by the town clerks, was a son of Captain Henry Kerley. Bartholomew settled in Sudbury, and was a proprietor in Leicester. Sudbury records show his first two children were born there, James and Hannah. There is no record of his living at Leicester. He married Hannah in 1686 at Sudbury, according to “Middlesex Records,” by A. M. Ward.

I Found no additional information on Hannah

Children of Bartholomew and Hannah
1. James Carley – May 24 1686
2. Hannah Carley – Dec 25 1687
3. Peter Carley – 1690
4. Joseph Carley – 1692
5. Abraham Carley – 1694
6. James Carley – 1696
7. Richard Carley – 1705
8. Job Carley – 1708
9. Sarah Carley – Oct 23 1715
10. William Carley – Sept 29 1717
11. Mary Carley – Sept 19 1719

1. James Carley, b. 24 May 1686, Sudbury, Middlesex Co. Massachusetts. James m. Ruth Ayers, Nov 1706. See “New England Hist. & Genealogical Register”, Vol. 18, page 45. Latter Day Saints library states: James Carley and Ruth Carley, Bolton, Worcester County, Mass., were m. in Marlboro. James settled in Bolton.

2. Hannah Carley, b. 25 Dec 1687, Sudbury. See “Genealogy and Estates of Charlestown, Mass,” by Wymon, who states Hannah Carley of Cambridge m. Nathaniel Whittecor 20 Dec 1705 of Concord, in Marlboro. “Vital Records of Charlestown”, by Roger D. Joslyn, records marriage of Hannah and Nathaniel and Abraham Carley to Mary French.

3. Peter Carley, b. about 1690, d. 1746. He was b. at Sudbury and lived at Leicester, Mass.

Peter Carley son of Bartholomew Carley was born about 1690 in Sudbury or Stow or vicinity.

In a deed dated October 27 1736 from Peter Carley of Leicester to William Brown Jr of Leicester a tract of land is conveyed that Peter states “was laid out to me upon ye acct of a part of division upon right granted my father Bartholomew Carly in Leicester.”

This land probably his homestead was northerly of land laid out to Lieutenant Thomas Newell on Boble’s Brook bounded by land of Edmund Taylor and by common lands some sixty acres in the tract.

4. Joseph Carley, b. ca. 1692.

5. Abraham Carley – 1694 resident of Marlboro and believed to be son of Bartholomew and Hannah Carley.

6. James Carley – 1696

7. Richard Carley – 1705

8. Job Carley – 1708

9. Sarah Carley – Oct 23 1715

10. William Carley, baptized 29 Sep 1717. See Marlboro records. See also, “New England Hist. and Genea. Register”, Vol. 11, p. 18. Died 1796 according to chart in South Carolina Genealogical Society, Vol. II.(to page 9) Lived in Marlboro and Virginia, and had land grants in Virginia, from King George II, Lunenberg County, dated 1757.1 m. Martha Carter. Probably of Lancaster or from Marlboro. Martha could very well be a descendant of Rev. Samuel Carter, teacher and clergyman of Lancaster. Samuel on pp. 285-286 of “Early Records of Lancaster, Mass.” (Some records show Martha’s nickname as ‘Patsey”, b. 1719.)

11. Mary Carley, baptized 19 Sep 1719, according to Marlboro church records. See “New England Hist. & Genea. Register,” Vol. 9, p. 101, and Vol. 32, p. 34. Mary m. Samuel Walker, 28 Sep 1738.

There may have been other children of Bartholomew and Hannah Carley.

Bartholomew Time Line:

1660 Sudbury – Born
1676 Indian Massacre
1686 Sudbury – Married Hannah at Sudbury
1686 Sudbury – James Carley – May 24 1686
1687 Sudbury – Hannah Carley – Dec 25 1687
1717 Marlboro – William Carley Baptized
1719 Marlboro – Mary Carley Baptized
1736 Leicester – Peter conveyed a land deed by Bartholomew in Leicester
17xx Leicester – Died

Here are a few points to consider from my notes:

Since there is no mention of a Bartholomew KERLEY/CARLEY in any of the references to the survivors at Lancaster, one must also consider that he could be the son of the William of the “Confidence” and wife Anna King in 1646

Bartholomew is never mentioned as a survivor of the Lancaster Massacre in 1676, while Henry Jr and some of his sisters are. The list of slain includes Capt. Henry’s wife Elizabeth (White), Henry and Elizabeth’s son William and possibly, son Joseph as well as a daughter Mary, whose name appears in both lists.

Prior to the Massacre, William of the Confidence and Anna King had relocated to Marlborough where Bartholomew married Hannah in 1686.

Kerley Massacre survivors listed in Mr. H. S. Nourse’s “Early Records of Lancaster”, Henry Kerley, son of Lt. Henry Kerley, aged 18; Hannah Kerley, daughter of Lt. Henry, aged 13; Mary Kerley daughter of Lt. Henry, aged 10; Martha Kerley daugter of Lt. Henry, aged 4; A Kerley child daughter of Lt. Henry, name and age unknown.

He is noted in the American Genealogical-Biographical Index as having been born in 1650, a fact that has been questioned by many researchers.

Bartholomew was born at Sudbury abt 1650 as noted by the American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)

Name: Bartholomew Carley
Birth Date: 1650
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Volume: 25
Page Number: 70

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