Brookins James Carley

Brookins and Rachel (Bennett) Carley.  They were natives of New York State, where Brookins was proprietor of a hotel.  He departed this life in Schoharie County, N. Y., in 1853; the mother passed to the life beyond from Tompkins County, N. Y., in 1865.  To them were given seven children, all of whom lived to reach man and womanhood.  They were named as follows: Eliza, now Mrs. Lanphere; James V. R.; David W.; Mary, Abraham, Helen and Adelia.  The deceased are Adelia, Abraham, Helen and Mary.  James V. R., of this narrative, was the second child in order of birth, and remained at home after his father’s death.  He then, with his sister Eliza, whose capability proved to be remarkable, took charge of the bereaved little family, sent them to school and cared for them until they reached years of maturity.  Each and all are possessed of intelligence and talent and reflect credit upon the brave pair who took such a responsibility upon their young shoulders.  All the daughters became teachers, and two of the brothers have adopted the medical profession.

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