Carley’s Corners

Carley’s Corners, Ontario Canada

In addition to Merrickville, the village comprises the smaller communities of Carley’s Corners, Eastons Corners, Hemlock Corners, Jasper, Snowdons Corners, Wolford Centre, Wolford Chapel and Yule.

Carley’s Church

It is not unlikely the enterprising Rolla Crain inherited his hard working, straight shooting modest character from his father. About 1845, Hiram Crain came to Wolford Township with his family, settling on a farm just south of Merrickville. As he developed his construction business, Hiram Crain was upset to witness so much drinking in the Community and, with his strong Methodist background, decided to do something about it. With the help of a few kindred souls he organized a “Good Templars” Society which grew and thrived until in 1874 they were able to build their own ”Hall” which became known, as “Carley’s Church”, located just south of Merrickville at Carley’s Corners beside an 1865 school. (still surviving as a private home.)

Meanwhile the sale of intoxicants had fallen off so much that the liquor interests became alarmed. Letters were written to Mr. Crain that his buildings were likely to go up in smoke, if “he did not leave off temperance activities”. About that time he tied his horses in a shed in Merrickville, and found when he was ready for home that his good set of harness had been cut to pieces. But none of these things deterred him and opposition seemed only to add to his determination to advance the temperance program. “Carley’s Church” thrived and remained active until 1966 when its Congregation in block voted to go to the Merrickville United Church.

Carley’s Church was later destroyed by fire and although nothing now remains of the historic Church, its dated cornerstone is in the collection of the Merrickville & District Historical Society Blockhouse Museum.

“Historical sketch of Easton’s Corners United Church”
Mrs. Jennie Earl, Mrs. Alice Hughes and
Mrs Donald Empy, July, 1959

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