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David Carley married Anna Krum in Schoharie, New York. Their children were: Malinda, Lewis, John, Abram, Richard, William Andrus, Catherine, Anna Elisa, David. I suspect the list came from either a family Bible or a local history because they generally list such names by order of birth and that matches everything I have found out about them.

Malinda A. Carley 1805-1891
Matthew Porter left this gem on the Schoharie County NYGenWeb Site: “Malinda Carley b. Jan 13 1805 NY d. Mar 16 1891 in Middleburgh NY. She married John GATES.”

In an exchange of emails I received this from Matthew – “Upon further investigation of my database I notice that I do have a possible set of parent for Malinda.  According to: the Book, The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families … the parents of Malinda Carley are David Carley and Anna Krum.” Thanks to Google Books this can now be found online. On page 1978 it reads: “John Gates, b. Conn. 1806, Middleb., m. Melinda Carley, da. David and Anna (Krum)”

Lewis Patchan Carley 1806
The Vital Records of the Gilboa Reformed Church, 1801-1884, found in the New York Birth and Baptismal Dates, Schoharie and Mohawk Valleys, revealed that Lewis Patchan Carley was baptized there in 1807. His father was given as David Carley, his mother as Anna Cromb (sic). The birth date for Lewis was 9 Nov 1806. (For once the Carleys seem to have taken a name from outside the family. Lewis Patchen was active in the local military during this era. Freegift Patchin was Revolutionary War hero and lived in the area. Note – I have purposely used the three spelling variations of Patchin. )

John Krum Carley 1808-1904
John K Carley was in Hector on the 1840 census and remained in the general area for decades. The 1850 census showed him to be 41 years old. His family included sons Lewis and William. Later records showed their names to be Lewis P. and William A. Among his neighbors are Abram W. Carley, Daniel Krum, and David Krum. He is buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery in the Town of Catharine, Schuyler County, NY. The dates on his tombstone are b. 11-29-1808 d. 6-10-1883. Several other members of his family are buried there as well.

Abraham West Carley 1811
Years ago I found the Carley’s Kingdom website which contains a wealth of information from Boyde Carley’s Memoirs. Apparently a handwritten note provided the information that Jerome Maurice Carley, born in 1877 in Pulteney, New York, was the son of Clark Abram Carley. Clark Abram Carley was the son of Abraham West Carley of Schoharie, New York, and Lydia Clark. Abraham West Carley was the son of David Carley and Anny Krum of Hillsdale, New York. Jerome Maurice Carley also had some (unspecified) evidence that he was descended from Abraham Carley of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts.

I had filed this information as an item of possible interest both because Pulteney, New York, is relatively close to Watkins Glen (where I knew Simeon Carley had been born) and because Jerome Maurice Carley had gotten married in Trumansburg. My trusty DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer (the days before Google Maps) showed Trumansburg to be within walking distance of Simeon Van Horn’s neighborhood.

The 1850 census showed Abram W. Carley, age 40, living in Newfield, Tompkins County, New York. With him were his wife Lydia, and sons Clark and John.

Richard F Carley 1816-1891
Richard F. Carley we know was born 11 Oct 1816 in New York. He was in the 1850 census, living in Barrington, Cook County, Illinois. (He is indexed as ‘Richard Carby’). Household Members:  Richard F., age 34; Matilda, age 32, Simeon, age 9, William, age 6, Emma, age 0, and David, age 24. Place of birth for Richard, Matilda, Simeon and David was New York. Emma and David were born in Illinois. Matilda died in Illinois and is buried in the Union Cemetery in Barrington, S.E. corner of Algonquin & Bateman Rd. Her tombstone reads: “Matilde, wife of R.F. Carly / Died, 1854″

Catharine Carley Before 1820
Catharine Carley was born before 1820. Nothing else is known about her.

William Andrus Carley

William A. Carley was age 30 on the 1850 census in Elgin, Kane County, Illinois. William A. Carly married Fanny Matteson on 19 Jun 1850 in Kane, Illinois. The record can be found in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index as well as at Ancestry.com.  But there might be a problem as the census was taken on 24 Aug 1850 and shows him as single and living in a boarding house. Perhaps he maintained a room in a boarding house but lived on a farm out of town. (On the census he was living with family 397 on page 45 – I cannot figure out under what name he is indexed. Between faint ink, sloppy writing, and careless indexing, I have had to search page by page through far too many census returns.)

Anna Elisa Carley After 1820
Anna Elisa Carley was born after 1820. Nothing else is known about her.

David Henry West Carley 1826
David Carley was on the 1850 census, age 24, in Barrington, Cook County, Illinois, living with the family of Richard F. Carley. On the record of his marriage in Elgin, Kane, County, Illinois, we learn that his full name was David Henry West Carley. After this he is generally found as D.H.W. Carley. David West Carley must have died while Anna was pregnant with son David because of his name – David Henry West Carley. He seems to have been named after his father and perhaps Henry Krum.

Jeff Carley’s Notes:

David West Carley
b. 8/4/1786
d. bef 1830

Columbia, NY

m. Anna Krum
b. 11/12/1786 Livingston, NY
d  aft 1860

1806 Schoharie County, NY
1820 Charlestown, Mongomery County, NY


Melinda A Carley 1805-1891
Lewis Patchan Carley 1806
John Krum Carley 1808-1904
Abraham West Carley 1811
Richard F Carley 1816-1891
Catherine Carley Bef 1820
William Andrus Carley
Anna Elisa Carley Aft 1820
David Henry West Carley 1826

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