David Henry West Carley

Information provided by Jim Mau

Doctor David Henry West Carley, most frequently found in records as D.H.W. Carley, was born in 1826 in Charleston, Montgomery County, New York. His parents were David West and Anna (Krum) Carley, both natives of New York State. David West Carley died some time between the conception of young David and the 1830 census. Anna Carley is found as the head of the family in the 1830 census. She had taken her family a few miles south to be near her father and brothers in Middleburgh, Schoharie County, New York. She may have named young David after his father as well as her brother Henry, suggesting her husband died while she was pregnant.

Anna Carley’s family, as well as several of the Krums, moved to near Cayutaville, Schuyler County, New York by 1832. That is when four of D.H.W. Carley’s older brothers’ names started to appear in the ledger of a general store located in Cayutaville. David left New York for Illinois with his brothers William and Richard in the early 1840s. Abram Carley and John Krum Carley remained in New York. William A. Carley bought property in Dundee, Kane County, Illinois, while Richard F. Carley bought property just across the river in Barrington, Cook County, Illinois. On the 1850 census D.H.W. Carley was living with his brother Richard’s family in Barrington. (They are indexed as Carby.) By 1858 Richard F. Carley had left Illinois and settled in Portage County, Wisconsin.

D.H.W. Carley married Sarah Margaret Hedges on June 14, 1854, in Kane County, Illinois. In 1860 David, Sarah, and David’s mother, Anna (Krum/Carley) Cleveland can be found in Northfield, Summit County, Ohio (indexed as Corby). D.H.W. Carley graduated from The Western College of Homeopathic Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio in 1861. He may have spent the Civil War working in a military hospital in Akron, Ohio. I have found no records of his joining the army but immediately after the war his wife, listed as Mrs. D.H.W. Carley, can be found in the book Our Acre and Its Harvest, a Historical Sketch of the Soldiers’ Aid Society of Northern Ohio. It was printed in Cleveland in 1869. She is listed in Appendix F (Branch Societies) as a member from Macedonia, Summit County, Ohio.

The 1870 census finds D.H.W. Carley, his wife, and his mother (now 84) near Omaha, Nebraska. He is listed as a surgeon. By 1871 he was practicing in Palmyra, Nebraska, and it was probably there where their only known child, Maggie A., was born. By 1880 they had relocated to Malvern, Mills County, Iowa, where Maggie’s age is nine. They were still there in 1886 but by 1893 had moved once again, this time to North Harvey, Illinois. Seemingly ever the wanderers, the 1900 census finds them in Champaign, Illinois. Old age might have been slowing him down because he was still in Champaign in 1910, now a retired doctor. Doctor David Henry West Carley died in Ludlow, Champaign County, on Sep 27, 1912.

            Doctor David Henry West Carley lived a long (about 86 years) and productive life. He may have left no descendants – I have not determined what became of his only child, daughter Maggie. However, his memory is worthy of our attention both for his career as a homeopathic physician and for the care of his twice widowed mother, Anna Krum Carley Cleveland.

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