Jan “John” Wierenga


Muskegon Chronicle, Muskegon, MI; Wednesday, April 21, 1948, page 2:5
John Wierengo, 84, Former Langeland Foreman, Expires
John Wierengo, 84 years old, father of Henry Wierengo, Muskegon attorney, and formerly a woodworking foreman at the Langeland Lumber company for 40 years, died last night at his home, 214 Myrtle avenue, after an illness of three months.
A Muskegon resident for more than 80 years, Mr. Wierengo came here from The Netherlands where he was born Sept. 13, 1863. He was married to Bieuwke Langeland, June 21, 1884, in Muskegon. Mrs. Wierengo died here in 1938, four years after the couple had marked their 50th wedding anniversary.
Mr. Wierengo began work for the Langeland company in 1891, retiring in 1931. He was a member of the Berean church.
Besides his son, he leaves two daughters, Mrs. Bert Stuit and Mrs. Henry VanAndel of Muskegon; two brothers, Peter and Gerrit Wierengo of Muskegon; two sisters, XXXXXX-ert Cooper, of Muskegon and xxxs. Grace Wagner of Chicago, xxx-en grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Clock Funeral Home funeral record, page 292
Cause of death; senility
Parents, John Wierengo and Gertrude (Unknown) both born in The Netherlands
Cemetery, Oakwood, lot 3-19, funeral cost $779.24 paid in full May 4, 1948.

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