Meredith Van Carley

Meredith Van Carley was born in Buena Vista Township, Portage County, Wisconsin on 22 March 1907, son of Simeon Earl Carley and Sadie Anita (Van Buskirk) Carley. He was a salesman for National Homes. He worked at Oakridge, Tennessee, setting up the prefabs there. He died on a fishing trip in Hope, Idaho on 4 July 1975, at the age of 68 years. He is buried at Lafayette Indiana Cemetery.

William Kerley/Carley Sr(1602-1670) m. Ann White 1603
Henry Kerley/Carley(1632-1713) m  1. Elizabeth White 1634 m. 2. Elizabeth Ward
William Carley (1683-1739) m. Mary Bowden 1684
Abraham Carley, Sr (1711-1790) m. Susannah Brookins
Abraham Carley, Jr (1756-1804) m. Eve West abt 1758
David West Carley  (1786-bef 1830) m. Anna Krum (1786-1860)
Richard F. Carley (1816-1891) m. Matilda O. VanHorn
“Simeon” Earl Carley Sr (1839-1908) m. Angeline Newby
Simeon “Earl” Carley Jr (1880-1959) m. Sadie Anita Van Buskirk
Meredith Van Carley     (1907-1975) m. Alethea Leyson
Lynn Meredith Carley    (1947-) m. Susan Wierengo
     1. Jeffrey Todd Carley (1968-)
     2. Gregory Scott Carley (1970-)
          1. Hayden Charles Carley (1995-)

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