Sadie Anita Van Buskirk

This is how the Van Buskirk family is connected to the Carley family

Jeffrey Todd Carley 1968-
Lynn Meredith Carley 1946-
Meredith Van Carley 1907-1975 married Alethea Leyson

Here is the connection, Sadie is my great grandmother

Sadie Anita Van Buskirk married Simeon “Earl” Carley 1880-1959
George W Van Buskirk 1843-1926 married Sarah Jackson
Levir Van Buskirk 1820-1853 married Susan Towle
Lawrence Van Buskirk married Mary
Jacobus Van Buskirk 1749-1857 married Gertrude Schram
Andres T Van Buskirk 1707-1770 married Annejte Vervey
Thomas Van Buskirk 1668-1748 married Margrietje Brickers
Laurens A Van Buskirk 1630-1694

Van Buskirk History

This is a paragraph from a book called “Decendants of Levir Van Buskirk and Susan Towle of Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada and Orono, Maine” written by Margaret (Van Buskirk) Loeffelbein in 1985, that was passed down through my family to me.

“Frances Van Buskirk, daughter of Charles Van Buskirk of Bear River, Digby Country, Nova Scotia, years ago visited Holland and got the history and coat-of-arms. The original name was Lawrence Anderson and he was knighted and given the name of John Van Buskirk for his valor in fighting for the church, (John, the King’s own given name, Van, the title, being the same as ‘de” in French). He was a farmer or bushman, as they are called and so ‘bus’ was the first part of the name and ‘kirk’ for the church was the last part of the name. She bought some hand painted ones as the coat-of-arms were so nice, having so much on them, The motto is AMOR PATRIE EXCITAT, the Latin meaning, “The love of Country excites me”

Frances’ great grandfather, John Van Buskirk’s brother, Henry Van Buskirk of Frogmore, Aylesford, Kings County, Nova Scotia has a similar coat-of-arms in colour, which is now at the Fort Anne Museum at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. The area superintendent of historic sites of southwestern Nova Scotia states “Henry’s helmet is slightly slanted to the left and the front is not the same as Mutch’s helmet. The museum one has red and gold tassels, with a red background behind the castle, trees and bird. The trees (green); helmet and castle (grey); bird (gold), while Mutch’s bird is white; wings (variant); chevron (gold) and mounds (green).”

This may be the reason I cant find any more history on the Van Buskirk name, since Lawrence changed his name from Anderson to Van Buskirk in the 1600’s. I have also seen this name change from Laurens Andres to the Americanized version Lawrence Anderson, meaning son of Andres

Here are a few bios that I have on the Van Buskirks in my lineage

• George Wesley Van Buskirk (Levir1) was born at Woodstock, New Brunswick on 30 August 1843; son of Levir and Susan (Towle) Van Buskirk; died at Liberty Corners, Portage County, wisconsin on 18 July 1926, at the age of 82 years. He is buried in Liverty Corners Cemetery, Portage County, Wisconsin.

He married SARAH ELIZABETH JACKSON at Hampden, Maine on 3 August 1870. She was born at Hampden, Maine on 28 April 1844, the daughter of Isaac and Olive Jackson. She died 19 October 1901 at Liberty Corners Cemetery.

He was a lumberman in Maine and in Wisconsin in partnership with his brother, Charles. They were known as Van Buskirk Brothers, who lumbered in Dancy, Ogema, Stevens Point and Van Buskirk, Ashland County (now Iron County) Wisconsin, where they had a mill from 1889-1893. In 1893 he and his brother purchased timberland in Amador and Calaveras Counties of Califorina consisting of sugar and yellow pine, fir, spruce and cedar. In late 1902 he sold his Califorina timberintrest to his brother, Charles , and remained in Wisconsin. They lived at 229 Pine Street, Stevens Point, Van Buskirk & Liverty Corners, Portage County, Wisconsin.

• Levir Van Buskirk was born in the year preceeding 14 September 1829 in Nova Scotis, positive proof of parentage not available; died 22 August 1853 in Orono, Maine.

Levir and SUSAN TOWLE were married by George Johnson, Wesleyan minister in the presence of E.J. or (G) Harris and George F. Williams on 22 december 1841 in Woodstock, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. They signed their names as Levir Van Buskirk and Susan Towl_. She was born in 1821 in Raymond, New Hampshire, the daughter of Elisha and Susanna (Brown) Towle. She died 1 July 1853 in Orono, Maine, and is buried in Riverside Cemetery. As many in that area died of cholera at this time, it is presumed that caused her death as well as that of Levir’s.

• Laurens Andriessen came from Holstein, Denmark in 1655. His name first appears in records of New Amsterdam, June 19, 1656 in a deed for a lot of land on Broad Street. He was then unmarried and a turner by trade, afterwards, however, becoming a draper. He took the oath of allegiance November 20, 1665 and married September 12, 1658 Jannetje Jans (widow of Christian Barentsen Van Horn).
In July 1658 Laurens was sent by the Orphans Master at New Amsterdam to South River (Delaware) to assist the widow of Christian Barentsen Van Horn, a carpenter, who died as the result of a malady that took many lives in that area. Four and a half months later Laurens and Jannetje married on December 12, 1658 according to the marriage registry of the Dutch Reformed Church in New Amsterdam. Some say the same date but list Old Dutch Church, Staten Island, NY.

Arrived in New Netherland before 1654, via Holland. Bought a lot on Broad St. 29 Jun 1656. Was a dry goods merchant. Moved to Hackensack by 1688. 1662, bought land on the shore of the Hudson. Became a judge and Justice of the Peace. Helped set up a Lutheran Church when the English established religious freedom. He was called van Buskirk because he lived next to a church by the
woods. He was sometimes called Laurens de Dreyer (turner) because he was also apparently a turner by trade.

(Source: Immigration Library, Scandinavian Immigrants of New York.)
Title: Shoemaker, Irene English; Van Buskirk, A Legacy from New Amsterdam.
Text: Date of Import: Apr 1, 1999

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